Moon Invoice – Easy Invoicing App yorumlar

Great APP, 4star jsut because it doesnt have one very neccessary window

Work great, end I am using it all the time. But have advised you to add a feature, that is very neccessary under HOME section. We have "Sales Report by Product" and "Purchase Report by Product", but dont have "Remain Stock by Product", where it will be shown al. the stocks stil remaining, with purchase price per product, sales price per product, taxes per product, and TOTAL. Believe me everybody would love to have this. And also we need to have under SUMMARY INFO in HOME section TOTAL AMOUNT that should come from cash sales, or via bank and transfer sales. And that is (SUM=Invoice Payed - Expenses). Just because of that I am giving 4 stars. Otherwise it deserves 5 stars.

Customer service is phenomenal

I have used this app now for a good year and it’s awesome for my small business. And I want to especially call out how responsive and helpful customer service is in providing help or fixes. Amazing.

Very nice and potential software…

Excellent software to create invoices, estimates, annual, partial or by customer sales.. just need to remove some playground buttons… you don’t need the link like us on facebook or share this app in the main menu, trust me i shared this app more than 10 times and not because of facebook (change for linkedin, facebook is a playground, no one is looking for a software to manage their business in a trash) need to concentrate more on the software potential that is awesome!!!!… better control for inventories and fix some glitches, after that it’s a Five start app

Worked ok now it crashes and i have lost all my data.

Got used to the free version then i upgrasded to pro. Then it started crashing and I can no longer invoice my clients. Or retrieve all my previous invoices. Super frustrating. Not happy at all.

REQUEST FOR MUCH NEEDED MISSING NECESSITY for the capabilities to Manage and full-fill backorders.

Dear Moon I've been providing tech services for your product Moon Invoice Pro in supporting a client that use it. Since then the program has improved nicely, but it still has some much needed missing necessities, which hopefully you will consider adding to it. REQUEST FOR MUCH NEEDED MISSING BACK ORDER NECESSITY: Back Ordering Capabilities. Why: This is a much needed necessity because to me it's unreasonable for most businesses to be unable to provide backordered items to their customers billing, and for a way to manage and full-fill those backorders. Reason: Having a way to Manage and full-fill backorders is a much needed missing necessity. In the invoicing software industry the necessity to manage and full-fill backorders is a well established standard, where items can be easily backed ordered, full-filled and shipped at a later time. Sample of how it could be done: Turning back orders On: 1. In Settings > App Settings/Enable Backordering During Invoicing: 1. Enter the quantity of the items shipped 2. Check box if you want a backorder to be created User Interface: 1. add Backorders to left column that opens a screen to easily manage and full fill backorders that were created during invoicing. Hopefully it’s something you can add to the program. Warm Regards

It’s decent

I use invoicing programs for my home service company. We have a technician at the customer’s house and run credit cards on site as well as email paid invoices to customers. I was hoping for a great program and this one is ok but doesn’t impress me much. It is not really user friendly when it comes to editing invoices, estimates and customers. Also, there seems to be some delay when it trys to sync between an iphone app and computer app. It’s enough of an issue that it scares me away. I need to know that when I open the app, the customer/invoice info is there, not just hope it’s there. It does the job but isn’t user friendly/easy to use and doesn’t seem reliable.

Two Thumbs Up and a High Five!

I used an established software package for invoices, billing, tracking costs, expenses, etc. for over 10 years. Then, they decided not to update their software for the Appple OS. What was worse, they wanted users to “rent” the software rather than own it. I was glad to read favorable reviews from Moon Invoice Pro. I do not have any regrets. It is much more flexible for my business needs and it is more “intuitive” than the application package of which I updated across 10 years. Stated differently, I am not paying for unnecessary features associated with a much larger company. I am quite pleased after a year of use that this application fits my small practice just fine. The office staff considers the software as an “intuitive” alternative to another vendor that is not as intuitive as one may suggest. My patients understand their invoices with all the necessary information, although Moon Invoice Pro allow me to add more “bells and whistles” if I desire.

fixable flaws

I’ve struggled to make this app work for several months now. Everything if forced around an hourly billing system, so if you flat fee things (which I do almost all the time) you have to use one hour billed at your flat fee budget. An easy work around, but it makes you look lame because you invoicing software is lame. Also limits you to three clients (even if you’ve deleted one) for the free version. Given the above and the super clunky interface and challenging UI I’m moving on and not upgrading.

Very Upset.

I paid for this app, to stop paying montly for intuit… very good app. now you become the same monster as intuit. very dissapointed. I paid for this app… One fee. and paid for all the inside things to get to a better app. NOW YOU DO THIS>… not cool.

I have tried so many times to buy this

But it never works. I just get reshuffled around to a different region’s App Store, upon which I am told I cannot purchase this item.

Lightweight But Robust for Small Business

I’ve been using the app on my Mac and my iPhone for six months and have learned to appreciate its simplicity. It has a very simple interface to input your data, then creates a nice looking print or email-ready invoice document. My only complaint is that it doesn’t offer statement generation for clients. I like to send monthly statement to clients with outstanding accounts that detail all transactions. The app does include a “balance” of unpaid invoices at the top right of each invoice, but provides no explanation of where that number comes from. Otherwise the app is perfectly suited to the way I do business as a consultant.

Great Invoicing Program it’s Four Thumbs Up 👍👍👍👍

Moon invoice is one of the easier invoicing programs I have used. It lets me get in and out of it very quickly. I have found the program to be very useful to me. There are a few things that I could wish I could change on the PDF invoice, or instance one of the things I have different customers that have different due date. Some of my customers are net on receipt of the invoice, others are 10 days net and even 30 day net. If that can go into the contacts section of the program that would be fabulous and not have it in the individual companies section. I’m kind of a jack of all trades’s, I run a video, I’m electrician, and also a wireless company. Of which go under three different companies. I find it great to put my invoices together and track them. l The only thing I’m not a fan ofThe only thing I’m not a fan of monthly subscriptions and this goes for everything I do, I’ve always bought my programs and upgrades. I understand that the developers need to be paid someway and I’m still thinking about it. I’ve noticed that they have a yearly cost which I’m a little more in favor of. The best part I find is that I can email them directly from the program which simplifies my world just over 100%. Overall it is a good program an easy program to use, The iOS app is the icing on the cake. To sum up in three words of someone else a top-notch program.

spending more than 2 hrs to sync

nice app but is so hard trying to sync all info to my iOS devices i regret purchase ,was easy before i buy it now i have to pay for something i dont used becouse i can’t sync my info,AND NO TECH SUPPORT

Very easy to use

I’m a freelance writer and I needed an app that was easy to use and professional-looking. So far this app has done great! I love that I can include a tax rate as well. It works wonderfully on my Macbook Pro and I highly recommend it for fellow freelancers.

Great value

I generate maybe 2 invoices a week at most. This application has many of the features of applications costing 10x the price. While it may not be as polished, the developers seem to be interested in responding to customer feedback. I get the impression that they are committed to this product and will continue to improve it. Update June 30, 2018 I’ve been using Moon Invoice for more than a year now. The application is an exceptional value with all of the features my small consulting company needs. A few things worth noting. The developers of this app seem to really want to produce a good product. They listen to users’ feedback and have encorporated features I requested. Thanks! There is room for improvement. There are reporting functions, but they could be more configurable. For example, It would be nice to configure custom timeframes and which columns are displayed and in which order. The ones I need are scrolled off the right side of the screen while ones I don’t need are visible. It would also be helpful if the sorting was more robust. You can sort by invoice number, customer name, invoice status, etc. But the ordering within some of the categories doesn’t make sense — sort by status sorts alphabetically by the status keywords (sent, paid, partial…). It would be more useful it the order looked more like an invoice’s workflow (draft, sent, partial, paid…). Dates printed on the invoice are the date the invoice is created. You can change this. But I always forget. I’d prefer if the date fields were configurable — created/edited/sent. More per/customer configuration would be helpful for example, bill due date could be net 30/on receipt/custom



Very nice, quirky but nice!

Although I have to admit that this app has a few quirks, so far they have been mostly non-detrimental and able to be worked around at this point. The devs have been responsive to new ideas and bug reports and helpful as well to explain things if needed. So far I’m liking both the app and those that are working to create it for us! Thanks!


This is such a perfect product, that most small business’ can use it as the free version without upgrading! I had one little hiccup with syncing, still don’t know what happened, but it worked itself out. Still amazing! I can enter payments on the SYCED IPHONE APP TOO!!!

Promissing, just missing one essential feature

This app looks very promising. The UI and user flow is well designed. However, two important features are missing. Design templates are based on the same layout structure with various cheesy background graphics - none looks professional. You can’t really customize the templates much except changing minor things like fonts and colors. The second missing feature is recurring invoice. Billings Pro offers the recurring invoice feature which allows you to use the same invoice for mutltiple billings in set time intervals. For now, I’m sticking With Billings Pro. Update: With developer’s help, I could find that little “Recurring” check box, which I missed the first time, to set an invoice as recurring. Thanks for that. The multitude control options under Settings tab is a big plus. Design template customization is still very limited. As suggested by developer, under Company tab, user can select present PDF invoice templates and only can cutomize font and color. I would like to change the layout structure such as placing content blocks in different positions and controlling box borders. If customization function is enhanced hopefully in the next version release, I’ll be full fan of this app.


So you’re looking for an invoicing app that’s affordable. You see that this app has the main features you need to get started and be useful. You download the free version scope it out and you think less than $5 a month? I can do that. Oh, wait. No one recieves the invoices i email. WHATS THE POINT OF THIS PROGRAM IF YOU CANT DO THE MOST MUNDANE ESSENTIAL FUNTCION.

Speed & Ease

For what I do, which is most everything, i can catch 15min in my evening and get a days worth of inviocing done and sent. It’s fluid and has everything built into the app that I may or may not need. Love its app-ability on the daily!

Subscription only

Contrary to documentation, this is now only a subscription service. Even the in-app help files say you can purchase a full version, but an email from their support team says “subscription only.” No thanks.


Not glitzy, but easy to use. Has some limitations but if you’re just doing invoices, its a real time saver. It gets a little better with each new update.

Very good invoicing app!

Although there is a slight learning curve, I’m very happy with Moon Invoice. I used to use Deluxe MyInvoice & Estimates, I got comfortable with that for some time. But Moon Invoice blows MyInvoice away. I like the fact that there is an IOS app that fits well with the computer app and I can sync my info. I’d recommend this to everyone who has a business and needs to keep track of their invoices, estimates and billing.

So easy and helpful

Im a DJ that has to essentially run a small business by handling every aspect of a gig from booking to scheduling to invoicing and eventually playing the music. It’s so helpful to have the invoice aspect made simple and look professional. Very pleased with this app and do recommend.

Product Kit Feature Missing

This software is really good for invoicing and keeping track of the outstanding ones, if you update your stock, when you sell an item, it reflects on the items stock, but what it is missing is the possibility to create a “Multi Product Item” Lets say i have a “A, B, C Kit” Which uses 1 item A, 1 Item B, and 1 Item C, i can’t tell the software that “A,B,C Kit” uses 1 of each, so it substracts from each items stock, instead, when i sell 1 “A,B,C Kit” i have to go and update the stock manually.

What a great find

My previous invoicing software of five or six years either succomed to a corrupted database or became unstable due to lack of support as macOS updates came in. The dev was unresponsive to requests for support, and an upgrade path as they no longer offered their solution on the Mac App Store, only their web page. Instead of paying over $100 for a brand new version I decided to look for a new solution and came upon Moon. Let me say, what a great piece of software. Responses to emails have been quick, directly answering the questions I had, pertaining mostly to what I would consider a confusing subscription process (I hate month by month, I’d rather pay for chunks). The interface is simple and to the point. Easy to learn. The trial is fully functional until the 15th or 16th invoice or creating multiple companies so you have lots of time to fully decide whether or not you want to keep it. It works very well over iCloud across my MBPro, iPad Pro and iPhone. A few improvements I would like to see. First, unless I’ve missed a setting, the app will not sync with iCloud until loaded. This includes the iOS version even with Background App Refresh enabled. At the moment I have only generated invoices since the beginning of the calendar year. I wonder how much the process will slow down as the year progresses. Second, and again unless I’ve missed something, there is no way to bill for expenses but not have them show up as income. Overall, great job to this dev team. Moon Invoice is a great piece of software.

Not Good Doesn’t work Consistantly Unrelaible

Not Good Doesn’t work. Ap is Consistantly Unrelaible I have been using Moon Invoice for over two years to geberate about 600 to 700 invoices per year and every time I use it it shows many invoices as NOT Paid even though I enter it as Paid. I spend about 6 hours per month carefully going over my invoices to double check that they are paid and then cross referencing canceled checks or PayPal entries just to make sure that I am not sending late payment reminders to clients. This app like many other apps are really just amature creations that are not tested for the real world. I am changing my invoicing app in 2018 to another program because Moon Invoice is way too unreliable. I have carefully prepared my company for this changeover and will bid fair well to Moon Invoice forever and looking forward to never using it again.

Great money tracker

This app is great for keeping track of what I’m spending, and what I’m making. I was weary on buying something like this because I believed I could do the same thing with an excel sheet. That is partially true in regards to keeping track of numbers, but this app allows me to label what I’m buying, where I’m buying, and also who is paying me! All I have to do is enter any time I make a transaction and the program adds it all up. I was pretty sure I was making good money in my business, but now I know for sure I’m making money. I love knowing what my margins are and its easier at tax time because I can upload all my receipts and have copies of all my invoices! Great product.

Excellent app

I’ve been using this app for 3 months now. It’s the best free app I’ve used so far.

Great App. Highly Recommended

I’ve bee using this app for a few days now and love every aspect of it. Easy to use and understand. Ideal for my small print shop billings. Runs on my Mac Pro Desktop and eaisly syncs to my iPhone.

Software is simple and easy-to-use, has a top-notch UI appearance

This software is great for the Mac and Iphone X. It is one of the few apps that are both asthetically pleasing and retains most of the features commonly used by small businesses. I tried using Xero, Wave Invoice, and Gnucash. While all of them use double ledger accounting and are able to project sophisticated reports, none of them have a cloud based platform that can be used offline (and then synced later between mobile and computer). So far I have found one problem, and that is with using percentage discounts on invoices. For some reason it makes a miscalculation. Hope it will be fixed in the near future. I saw some reviews saying that the software can possibly crash and lose all data. But I wouldn’t worry about it so much as long as you are backed up through the cloud and export your account data regularly.

Very Nice Invoicing APP

So far I’m impressed . Icloud sync is fast across mac and ios devices which is very helpful . I could use a little more customization .

Company URL

In the company URL fields, it’s requiring www and won’t accept without the www. Minor issue, just letting you guys know. I wish you guys can add stripe payment feature.

Great Application

I have been used this application for six months and it is great! so ease and helpfully. I recommended for owners of small and medium business.

Nothing More Than Perfect

I came to Moon Invoice from using Intuit QuickBooks Pro 2010 edition for years and needed to have an upgrade as that was outdated, and I was not wanting cloud software. This product suite not allows me to do my work from my office, but now using my iPad in front of clients which I never had that functionality before and I love - love - love it! In addition being able to print remotely by Bluetooth to my printer remotely or to a clients printer and save postage. I highly recommend seasoned business owners move to Moon Invoice, or new business owners to use Moon Invoice. You will certainly not regret it!

not so good on my X

I paid $50 Works good on my lap top, saves and transfers to my phone, but keeps crashing on my phone App doesnt let me produce an invoice on my phone.

Love it

Great Invoicing program, looking forward to the continued updates as the program gets better each update…! Was not a huge fan of Quickbooks, so we turned to Moon Invoice and have not looked back yet….! Highly recommended…!

Outstanding :)

**update ** I have been enjoying the latest updates and attention to this app. I did originally switch to Moon Invoice because I wanted something that did not charge me an annual or monthly fee. I loved that plus how straight forward the app was/is…. with recent updates I am a bit confused with the added subscribtion service and hoping this app doesn’t turn in to needing that. That was one of the first/main reasons I started using it = a great app not based on subscription needs. **** I absolutely love this invoicing & expense (and more) tracking app. I love the display of data. I love the reporting, etc. I LOVE the one-time payment for PRO. I will be using Moon Invoice Pro for a long long time. Keep up the good work guys, I will def be referring you to my professional network of phtographers (and more).

love it

Very easy to use

Does exactly what I need

For a small business looking to invoice customers and track payments, it does exactly what it needs to do. Well worth the cost. One feature I’d love: The ability to filter invoices quickly by customer. When I’m looking a a customer’s info page, I’d love to see a live list of invoices for that customer.

Good App

I give it five stars based on the features and the awesome support team. Many updates were rolled based on many of my recommendations. It’s good to have a support team that listens to customers. This means that this app will be the best invoicing app in the future.

Eash Trucking

I love it!! Great great, i have had absolutley no hang-ups, problems, etc.! Much more user friendly than the that other one that starts with Q.

love it

i love this invoice maker. Customer support is also great. Highly recommended for business!


Upon my very first interaction with this app, I click on “Companies” in to explore my new download. I then decide to click on “Home” or “Settings”, to set up my account name info, and I am blocked with “Alert - Are you sure you want to discard all changes?”(Yes or No). I select “Yes”, just to leave page; but then it KEEPS me at the same page…retry after retry after retry! I cannot access any other option. A very bad first experience to something referred to as an “Easy” invoicing app.

5 star

exactly the one that I was looking for. extremely user friendly and so useful

Recent Update Ends Subscription

I have been using “Moon Invoice Pro” in business for the last three months. Subscription payments of $4.99 have been paid each month. I have input year-to-date time logs and invoices—so I am committed to using the app. I was generally pleased with the app until the most recent update. When using the “Share Feedback” function from “Settings” a text file is attached to the support request email—THIS IS NEW! The content of the text file appears to be encrypted. A BIG RED FLAG!!! Also with the recent update the app appears to be caught in an endless loop. When inputing time logs the app requests that you “Restore Purchases.” It then reports “Purchases have been restored” but then immediately repeats the request that you “Restore Purchases” when you again attempt to input a new time log. When clicking “Upgrade” the “Purchase” function shows my previously purchased subscription has expired and shows an apparent credit of ($4.17) instead of the $4.99 monthly subscription fee. Today I chose to try re-purchasing the app at $29.99 (annual subscription???). It now work again on my Mac and my IOS devices. Finally, upon visiting the app developer’s website Safari is reporting that the site may be compromised.

Upgrade? But from the website instead

So, I tried the free version of the software and it works…fine I suppose. it isn’t the sexiest user interface, but it gets the job done. I invoice for my freelance to different names/companies and so when I went to setup more than two or three companies to invoice from it asked for $20 to upgarde to that function. No problem, I figured it was worth it for the one time charge. Then I found out that in order for me to invoice clients FROM multiple companies it was another $20 fee. Then I went to the website for the company and found out that for $15 I could have purchased the entire suite without multiple charges of$20 just to unlock one extra feature. When I asked the company about it on their support page they have not responded at all. Nothing. So, the software is, okay. But I honestly feel a bit ripped off because I have alrady spent $20 which is $5 more than the full version on their website and I didn’t even get the full version with the in-app purchse. No support means that I am even more agnry about this “in-app” purchase.

Good replacement for Intuit Quickbooks for what I need.

Like other commentors below, I needed a replacement for Quickbooks for Mac when intuit decided not to support Mac OS anymore and went to those kind of “web cloud” subscription products you run in a browser, which either you like or don’t (I don’t). I only needed a product which cranks out estimates, invoices and statements and doesn’t require all the other complicated and expensive double-entry bookkeeping tasks that Quickbooks provides for. Moon Invoice Pro does the trick, easily and well.

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