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Good App

I give it five stars based on the features and the awesome support team. Many updates were rolled based on many of my recommendations. It’s good to have a support team that listens to customers. This means that this app will be the best invoicing app in the future.

Eash Trucking

I love it!! Great great, i have had absolutley no hang-ups, problems, etc.! Much more user friendly than the that other one that starts with Q.

love it

i love this invoice maker. Customer support is also great. Highly recommended for business!


Upon my very first interaction with this app, I click on “Companies” in to explore my new download. I then decide to click on “Home” or “Settings”, to set up my account name info, and I am blocked with “Alert - Are you sure you want to discard all changes?”(Yes or No). I select “Yes”, just to leave page; but then it KEEPS me at the same page…retry after retry after retry! I cannot access any other option. A very bad first experience to something referred to as an “Easy” invoicing app.

5 star

exactly the one that I was looking for. extremely user friendly and so useful

Recent Update Ends Subscription

I have been using “Moon Invoice Pro” in business for the last three months. Subscription payments of $4.99 have been paid each month. I have input year-to-date time logs and invoices—so I am committed to using the app. I was generally pleased with the app until the most recent update. When using the “Share Feedback” function from “Settings” a text file is attached to the support request email—THIS IS NEW! The content of the text file appears to be encrypted. A BIG RED FLAG!!! Also with the recent update the app appears to be caught in an endless loop. When inputing time logs the app requests that you “Restore Purchases.” It then reports “Purchases have been restored” but then immediately repeats the request that you “Restore Purchases” when you again attempt to input a new time log. When clicking “Upgrade” the “Purchase” function shows my previously purchased subscription has expired and shows an apparent credit of ($4.17) instead of the $4.99 monthly subscription fee. Today I chose to try re-purchasing the app at $29.99 (annual subscription???). It now work again on my Mac and my IOS devices. Finally, upon visiting the app developer’s website Safari is reporting that the site may be compromised.

Upgrade? But from the website instead

So, I tried the free version of the software and it works…fine I suppose. it isn’t the sexiest user interface, but it gets the job done. I invoice for my freelance to different names/companies and so when I went to setup more than two or three companies to invoice from it asked for $20 to upgarde to that function. No problem, I figured it was worth it for the one time charge. Then I found out that in order for me to invoice clients FROM multiple companies it was another $20 fee. Then I went to the website for the company and found out that for $15 I could have purchased the entire suite without multiple charges of$20 just to unlock one extra feature. When I asked the company about it on their support page they have not responded at all. Nothing. So, the software is, okay. But I honestly feel a bit ripped off because I have alrady spent $20 which is $5 more than the full version on their website and I didn’t even get the full version with the in-app purchse. No support means that I am even more agnry about this “in-app” purchase.

Good replacement for Intuit Quickbooks for what I need.

Like other commentors below, I needed a replacement for Quickbooks for Mac when intuit decided not to support Mac OS anymore and went to those kind of “web cloud” subscription products you run in a browser, which either you like or don’t (I don’t). I only needed a product which cranks out estimates, invoices and statements and doesn’t require all the other complicated and expensive double-entry bookkeeping tasks that Quickbooks provides for. Moon Invoice Pro does the trick, easily and well.

Great and very user friendly App!

I love how this App is sooo easy to use! It’s easy to learn the different features and now with the update i can email it without having to save and then send it as an attachment! Love this app!

Gets the job done

I'm the invoice creator for a tow company. Trying to find a simple invoicer is rather tough. I am switching from Totals to Moon Invoice Pro. Why? Totals is very flexible with the most important feature of its ability to create invoices based on a project. Each vehicle type we tow is setup as a project. Then I can later add which autobody shop will end up repairing the vehicle, or which salvage company will get it. However, I've always been in need of an iOS version. Finally went looking for an app that had apps for both macOS and iOS with syncing. Only Moon gave me macOS and iOS, but the project part is really lacking. However, Moon's search capabilities sort of make up for this lack. Instead of starting with a Project vehicle, Instead have to add the vehicle as a Subtitle manually. no list to select from. Also, most other invoicing apps seem to revolve around timing. Moon has timing, but not as its core functionality. I hardly ever use timing. All our services are entered as products. Multi-user was also a must, and I must say it works darn good (via DropBox). One thing I miss is being able to create separate sections with it own subtotal on an invoice. If that's possible, I haven't found it.

My business uses Moon

I find this app wonderful, well organized and easy to use. It is a very professional alternative to high priced complicated programs. I use Moon Invoice Pro exclusively for my engineering business.


There is no support with this product , works great until there is a problem, try to talk to someone good luck, use Quick Books .

Glad I dumped Quickbooks

I recently switched from Windows to a Mac and was completely frustrated with Quickbooks. They wanted a rediculous amount of money to switch my software from PC to Apple so I went searching and found Moon. I have been using this for a couple weeks and have been pleased. After the initial learning curve I’ve found it to be much better than my old Quickbooks 2009 and at a much better price. No copmplaints here. Well worth the 20 bucks!!! Update!!!! I have now been using moon for 6 months and I am still a huge fan!!! They are constantly updating and making improvements which is very reassuring!!!

Two Thumbs Up and a High Five!

I used an established software package for invoices, billing, tracking costs, expenses, etc. for over 10 years. Then, they decided not to update their software for the Appple OS. What was worse, they wanted users to “rent” the software rather than own it. I was glad to read favorable reviews from Moon Invoice Pro. I do not have any regrets. It is much more flexible for my business needs and it is more “intuitive” than the application package of which I updated across 10 years. Stated differently, I am not paying for unnecessary features associated with a much larger company.

UPDATE.1.5.5.Wont let me do anythink in the Iphone & Mac.

Update, Waiting for a lont time for the new version, BS, no working, waist of time, cant do anythink here, developer keeps offering extra services, but I need to pay for it. DONT BUY Im reporting this to apple. Thanks for nothink.)::::::: No customer servicesn in the US, have to wait overnight for an answer. New Version TERRIBLE wont work, team Support help me wiht a backup, works for a few days, compleate waste of time, unistal and reinstal fix the probelm for a few minutes them crash and I need to unistal and reinstal, no new update coming. Thanks for nothing. After trying many time instal, unistal back nad for wiht the SUPPORT TEAM, i can do a bit more, some time wont sync for a long time, so my phone say something different. They have to improve in the functionality of the app. Lest see what else come up in the next cuople weeks. Unfortunately I was using my Ipad to do all my work, Ipad was stolen , now I use my Iphone is a probelm cuz is to small, I had abour 50invoices 4 stimates, after creating the stimates I try just to do some cahnges in the Mac, and the stupid sofware keeps telling that i need to Upgrade, I send a lots of emmails to the “support team” they keep telling that I need to upgrade, this is a total BS not acceptable. I ask for refun and they just don’t answer, dont wast your time and money buy, spend a bit more and buy a beeter app. TRASH

Moon Invoice Pro

I have utilized this app for the past three months and I am very pleased with it. I am a long time quickbooks user but i do not need that sort of application for my small side business. Moon Invoice pro is easy to use and delivers exactly what I expect. Simple billing and tracking tools make it easy to maintain the financial records of a small sole proprietorship, it even has time management and project management tools, nothing extravagent or complex, just simple and easy, like it ought to be.

tricked me into thinking i had found an invoicing app.... nope!

glitch after glitch, no networking with mobile app, impossible

Needs work

Very Useful features, nice to know that it backs up in my icloud but am very frustrated with the expense feature. You can upload an image of a receipt and attatch it to an expense, after that though i hope you never need to view that image again, or you never get audited by the IRS because apparently once you save an expense you can’t ever pull up the image attatchment you filed with it…….why on earth would this be like that? Thge entire purpose of uploading an image of a receipts is to keep it for your records, I use this feature in other programs because I know that I always loose receipts and if I were to ever be audited I have proof of purchase. Because this program does not let you ever pull up the image of that receipt again, on their macOS program or iOS program, If you were to ever be audited you wouldn’t actually have any proof to support your claim on said expense…..rediculous. This flaw is one that can not be overlooked and needs immediate attention in both the macOS and iOS apps.


I’m impressed by this version of Moon invoice pro. Very easy to navigate and figure out. Most software I had looked at was expensive than I came across this and it has met all my expectations. Thank you for a product that is very reasonable and effect for my small business needs.


Muy buena, practica y facil de manejar. Aparte que te afrece datos muy importantes para un mejor control de tus clientes.

Exelente aplicación!

He estado usando por algunos meses la app y hace justamente lo que uno espera la recomiendo 100% es muy configurable, muy practica y sin cargos mensuales. excelente

Still Crashes….. No Support

Updated to version 1.5.4 after informing company of issue 3 version ago. App crashes if you add an expense with iPhone and attempt to run the expense report with this MacOs App. I have reported the issue to the company multiple times and they have updated the app 3 times and its still not working properly. 1 Star until they fix the issues. The company is very quick to respond via email but the response offers no resolve to the problems.Please fix your app.

My Product Data Disappeared

I have been using Moon Invoice Pro for several months now, just the free version to try it out. I mostly use this app to generate purchase orders for a supplier. It has been working fine until today, when I added a few more products into the list, all of a sudden all my products disappeared from the list and it is currently showing only 2 products (the last two I added) on it. The previouos purchase orders and invoices are still there but they are all blank lists with a grand total of the correct amount. I shot an email to support, am still waiting on an answer. Needless to say, I am very disappointed. To the support staff, if you are reading this, please fix it for me? Thanks.

I Love Moon Invoice!

I use it to invoice from my busy landscaping business and everything about it is wonderful. One time I had an issue and they replied in under 24 hours. A new update was issued immediately. Thanks for having the best Invoicing software on Mac!

Moon Invoice adequate

Moon Invoice does a relatively simple job of producing business forms for the price, though there’s room for improvements. I’d suggest the developer stop using the Apple App Store as it is convaluted and redundant in its requests to confirm your Apple ID, making it difficult to purchase applications. Sell your app on your own site and make more money.

almost perfect!

I’ve only been using it for a few days, but I’m really loving this app so far. For the last 20 years of freelance career I’ve been using FileMaker Pro for my invoices. But FileMaker has grown in a different direction and it’s now way too expensive for the simple task of invoicing I was using it for. This Moon Invoice Pro has made me have a very comfortable transition from a system I was used to using for 20 years. That's a lot to say. The only reason I didn’t give it 5 stars, is because I wish I could customize the look of the invoice itself more. But I’m still really happy with how they are looking now. I’m really looking forward to using this app more, and populating it with my old and new invoices for this year. I’m really happy with it.

Really good

I find this app to be really great. Set up companies you’re working for, track suppliers and purchases, ID projects, subtasks, and log time / take notes. Invoice from the task list as projects are completed. Track staus of purchase orders and invoices. Customize invoices. Very nice. Other features I haven’t even tried yet. I shopped a handful of similar apps and this is a great fit for my application. Does pretty much what I need and developers are happy to take feedback for potential future fixes and enhancements.

Overpayments are a no-no

This is a good app but the system does not allow for overpayments by clients. So if you get over-paid there is no way you can record this informtion in the app. Don’t know how this is of any help in the real world.

Very Cool

I am still learning how to do everything but right out of the gate it is awesome.

Game Changer

Love this software - we’re able to see our invoices and customer info from several devices, in the office and on the go. Easy to operate, had a couple issues but the customer support is very quick to respond and walked me through how to fix it (not a Moon software issue, it was actually my computer’s issue) Highly recommend!

Ok, but basic invoice software

I’m glad they offer a free download, I was looking for something to replace quickbooks, but this isn’t it. My major complaint is the lack of Invoice customization, I would like to be able to create a custom layout with the ability to change fonts, insert and resize images, add watermarks. This software is just too basic, all the templates are the same with just a different background, you can upload your logo and signature, but that is about it.

Marginal program, awful support in India—DO NOT BUY

Do not buy this. If you ever have a problem it will take forever to solve because support is in India, and they do not keep hours for other regions. They also dont seem to read the case notes so it can take days to reach any sort of resolution. There is absolutely no support in real time. I was also unable to upgrade from the non-pro version without support assistance (which took a week to accomplish). Then one of the key functions stopped working (keeping track of time) and they claimed that the upgrade for existing customers was a paid one, when they had previously informed me that it was free. I dont’ like bait and switch. Its cheap, but you get what you pay for. DO NOT BUY THIS PROGRAM.

Good but needs some work

The Great News is that Moon Invoicing works well is very editable once you realize what window to be in, creates nice estimates which are convertable to to invoices, which also are very easy to create. Contacts are importable from your contacts in your phone, sales taxes are easy to create for different areas and any item on your invoice can be taxed or not. One of the best features of Moon Invoice is that it does not depend on the cloud requiring an internet connection to function. There are lots of invoiceing providers that depend on the cloud to use so if there is no internet, your app is worthless. Not every location has internet! So Moon Invoice is filling a niche that needs to be filled for the 10s of thousands of small business operators out there that need an economical way to invoice, track payments, expenses etc.While Moon Invoice could make a few operations a little more intuitive or obvious, there are 2 real flaws that can be worked around but are a hassle and I am suprised no one else has mentioned them in any of the other reviews. 1) When recording a receipt for an expense the image is limited to to 1MB. Many phones take higher resolution pictures than that so Moon Invoice will not accept the image. To resize it the easiest way is probably to email it to yourself which automatically resizes your receipt image which you can copy into your expense entry in Moon Invoice. I have used other apps where none of this fooling around was necessary. 2) There is no way to charge an expense entry to a customer on their invoice, including the copy of the receipt. This is a common thing for small business to do and should be an option. There are ways to work around it but they are clumsy and take more steps than should be required. I am hopeful Moon Invoice will address these issues so I can rate that app with 5 stars because it will truly be a great app! Update 5/1/2017 - Moon Invoice is not very responsive. All I get back from them is they have received my request, no other information. They seem more interested in the original fee you pay rather than any service. Disappointing!!


I downloaded this program to evaluate for a client and was quickly amazed at how powerful it is. I purchased a copy for myself to use in my computer tech consulting company. Incredible features, relatively easy to use and the price can’t be beat. I’m impressed.

Moon Invoice Pro

I absolutely love this program. I had for about 5 years used quickbook pro and last year had to upgrade to a newer version since I changed computers & platforms. I had been a P.C. person but in November I changed to an iMac 27 which I love as well. The Quickbook Pro program was so different from the 2010 version, was not at all user friendly and they wanted you to rent their program rather than buy it; phewey on that ! I had to find a program that I could understand easily enough for my invoices and with some devine intervention I was led to Moon Invoice Pro. This program is easy to get started using the free basic program with limited capabilities and then if you like it like I did you could upgrade to the Pro version. You can’t beat a deallike that can you? If you do not like it you’re not out any money but if you do then you can upgrade. There is hardly a learning curve with Moon Invoice Pro except when you go to customizing the templates. There are other capabilities with the Moon Invoice Pro application I just have not gotten caught up enough to start using them, I’m just letting you know that you can use it for other purposes besides invoices. Another thing, the help desk is just an email away and they will answer you! Good luck to yu and thanks for checking out this program, before too long you will be glad you did!!!

excellent app

I am a sole proprietor. I tried out 3 other apps and this one was exactly what I wanted. Simple to use and user-friendly. I figured out how to use it immediately. I don’t have to search for what I want to do. Has exactly what I need without complicating it with a bunch of stuff I don’t need. It’s quick and simple to create invoices and log in payments. It has reports so I can view all invoices and open invoices. It has other features I don’t need but they don’t get it in the way. An excellent app.

Very Handy & Useful

So far i am loving this app for my construction biz. At first i had the basic app, then updgraded to the Pro. Very easy to navigate. You can edit, modify, and tweak to your preference. Invoices look very professional, and its easy to track in-house business and records. My only critique would be that the “Moon Voice” link is at the bottom of every form, and there are only 24 templates to choose from. Would like to see that expanded in the future. Other than that, great app. Looking forward to see next version and improvements


Made my job 10x easier. I love this darn thing.

Outstanding :)

I absolutely love this invoicing & expense (and more) tracking app. I love the display of data. I love the reporting, etc. I LOVE the one-time payment for PRO. I will be using Moon Invoice Pro for a long long time. Keep up the good work guys, I will def be referring you to my professional network of phtographers (and more).

Buggy with poor documentation and support

One the plus side: Lots of great features. V ery comprehensive. Now, the negatives: Extremely non-intuitive with help files that are all but useless. I spent days trying to upgrade my data to Invoice Pro unsuccessfully and wound up losiong ALL of my earlier data from Moon Invoice. Gone. Nowhere-to-be-found. I am supportive in general of lone wolf developers but someone needs to take this software and finish it. I would have given it 3 stars had it not destroyed months of data. Nort ready for prime time.


Dear Moon I have had the chance to try your product Moon Invoice Pro The program is very nice, but I found one much needed feature that is missing, which hopefully you will consider adding to it. REQUEST FOR MUCH NEEDED MISSING FEATURE: Updating Product Sales Price Why: This is a much needed feature, because to me it’s unreasonable a lot of work to delete and/or re-enter products when prices need to be updated. Reason: Adding new product Sales Price without having to delete and/or re-enter the products is to me a much needed missing feature. Updating the Product Sales Price is helpful for products that are in the database when importing a supplier’s new catalog and/or price sheet. Importing a CVS file to update the product price of existing inventory would be much helpful. When importing a CVS to update Sales Price, it could be done by matching on the Product Item Code field. Sample of how it could update: To update Product Sales Price 1 Back up your data. 2 Prep a spreadsheet that includes the product item code you want to match on. 3 In Settings > Import CVS Data > Products/Items. 4 From Options choose Update Product Sales Price matching on Product Item Code. Product Item Code field to match on because it should be unique for each product. 5 Click Open File and browse to the spreadsheet you created and saved as CVS. 6 Click Import Hopefully it’s something you can add to the program. Warm Regards

Exceptional App

The app is very intuitive. It is clean with many features that are very useful such as tracking products, expenses, estimates and especially invoicing. Invoicing is smooth and versatile. Another perfect asset is the ability to access contacts. It is an exceptional app.

minimal customization - UGLY invoices

I downloaded this to be able to create invoices and estimates. Even using the very limited customization - invoices still come out looking terrible. Pages or even quickbooks for Mac does a better job at allowing the user to create invoices based on their personal taste. The graphic design component of this package is SERIOUSLY lacking. If you don’t care about how your invoices look - or how they present you to your clients - then this may be a good program for you… otherwise, look elsewhere. More customization is needed! I wish I could get my money back. I emailed the company but never received a reply.

Good but needs improvement.

The app is good and very intuitive. However dear developers please include the option that would reflect on the ESTIMATES that we accept credit cards, as of now this option is only available for invoices, if the client knows in advance that they are able to use a credit card for their purchases it would help my sales alot. Also please please add a switch to turn off automatic fill for tasks and products. I sell service and it is different in 99% of my occurances, hence it is just annoying to see previous similar listing populate and then I have to go back and delete them. Sometimes i might even forget to double check and send my clients an estimate that has a service listed from a previous sale/estimate, creates confusions and I would have to appologize and redo the estimate.

Super Buggy and Deceitful

This app claims that for the $14.99 price that you get the OSX and iOS (phone) versions, this is NOT true. You get a trial version of the iOS with limited features and if you want the full features you have to pay an additional $9.99. The program itself is also very buggy and not user friendly at all. There are much better programs out there, use them instead.

Grrr Safety and Services LLC.

I love the program over all I just wish it would be a little more amarican as far as useing dismals in stead ov commas it looks like you billing for thousands then your only billing for a few hundred, I love the way the system integrates with the differant devices. I don’t understand how the system determins the totals on the reports screen it ballances with thousands when infact you only billed 1 thousand, it would be nice if they could fix that but even if they don’t right now it’s not going to keep me from using the system, I also think that they could explain the different levels of the programs that you can get as far as having to buy the full version for each device rather than a 1 time fee for all devices. but otherwise one of the best and most put togeter systems out there!

Great value

I generate maybe 2 invoices a week at most. This application has many of the features of applications costing 10x the price. While it may not be as polished, the developers seem to be interested in responding to customer feedback. I get the impression that they are committed to this product and will continue to improve it.

Very Basic

This application is okay if you want to see the same informationa cross multiple devices. I found the user interface clunky. - Data did not transfer over from previous version. It required exporting everthing then importing everything to the “Pro” version. - There are Projects, Tasks, and Time Logs. Projects have tasks. Timelogs require projects as tasks to be assigned to. However, nothing is linked. I can look at a project and see how many logged hours are against that project based off time log. Nor can you see the hours entered per task - You cannot create an invoice off a project. You have to do it manually through invoice creation or through the time logs. At this point there is no need for Projects and Tasks. - Invoice screen kicks the user out during edits. - Cannot change invoice layouts on the screen. - Searching for tasks to assign to an invoice using the invoice screen is very difficult. They provide small pop up box, but it is fixed dimensions with no way of filtering results besides a search bar. - Repeatedly asked for Adobe application when previewing invoices, although I selected the application. Pros: - They added graphs, and they look nice. - Email automation looked nice.

Not Ready For Prime Time

Agree with the last reviewer - this was not a good upgrade and the last non-“Pro” version was more suitable - even with the non-intuitiveness of the interface. First of all - it’s not an ‘upgrade', at least there’s no automated migration. So I had to first export a backup from the previous version and import that into this “Pro” version. It also told me I’m eligible for a ‘free’ upgrade to Pro since I paid for the last version - great I thought. Then I get this: Free version not allow to make Hide Moon Invoice Hyplerlink in PDF, Would you like to upgrade to full version? Seriously? Email doesn’t launch as noted before and there are quite a few minor bugs here. I would hold off and hopefully since I rely on this software for my business, Moon will improve this ASAP. I’m not ready to throw in the towel just yet but we’re quite a bit away from a 4 or 5 start review.

The older version was better

It looks like they made some interface updates (which still needs a lot of improvement), but you can create a decent invoice. However, after creating an invoice, there is some confusion with if the invoce is still in draft mode or if it is complete, and the email button doesn’t work. I use Airmail 3 - when I click the emil button, absolutely nothing happens. The pre Pro version worked well, it al least checked for your email client and launch Apple’s email client if it couldnt start the default. The Pro version has potential, but it’s buggy as a hell as of 7-19-2016.

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